Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Canada Trip: Part 4 - Leavitt Family Reunion

While we were in Canada this past week, we were able to attend a family reunion on my mom's side of the family.  My sweet Grandma is 96 years old so we know there won't be many more opportunities to see her and to have my kids know her.  We are very grateful that we were able to spend some time with her.  Between her and my gramps, who passed away last year, I think they counted that they have 147 descendents.  Pretty darn iimpressive!
The girls loved the jumping castle and spent a fair amount of time playing with cousins in it!

My sister Shental and me, with her son Daniel (or Danny, as I like to call him, much to his dismay!!)

Barrett looked adorable, as usual, with the step-grandaughter of one of my cousins.  Yep, I have first cousins who are already grandparents.  Kinda crazy!

Isn't my grams just about the cutest little old thing?  She has been such a fabulous example to me throughout my life and I was so glad to be able to see her again.  Even though it was heartbreaking to witness the deterioration of her mind...each time I'd see her again, it was like she was seeing me for the first time and I'd have to re-introduce my kiddos to her.  Bless her heart.

There were a lot of games and activities for the kiddos to's Payton participating in a balloon toss of some sort!

After taking a break from the reunion in order for Barrett to get in a nap, we took the kids to the temple, the Cardston Alberta Temple...where Kevin and I got married.  It was fun to take them there, walk around the grounds (even though it was drizzling and chilly), and show them where mommy and daddy got married.  The girls LOVED seeing a bride (or princess, as they called her) come out in her pretty dress!

And back to the reunion for more fun and activities.

Alexa and her Grampa.

Barrett with Gramma mom has issues with opening her eyes in pictures, apparently! :-)

One of the girls' favorite places was this little crawl space in my Aunt Marina's & Uncle Royce's house.  They loved it and we could usually find them in it...or the jumping castle.

We experienced a major downpour while we were there and the girls loved running in the rain.

And jumping in the rain.

My niece, Emma, with Bubba!

After the rainstorm, we got to witness this beautiful double rainbow.  It was a complete arch!

Cute cousins!

The last night of the reunion, there was a bit of a program in honor of my dear Grams!  Payton and her cousin, Lenaia, sang I Am a Child of tender!

A BIG thank you to all my aunts, uncles and my parents...and everyone involved for putting this all together.  It was great to see everyone again and to have everyone meet my little family.  A special thank you to Royce and Marina for hosting this big event!   You guys rock! :-)