Thursday, May 23, 2013

Alexa: Last Day of Kindergarten

Someone is excited (and yet super sad too) about her last day of Kindergarten!
She's ready for school to be done and very much looking forward to summer break.
But she's sad to be leaving her fabulous teacher, knowing she won't ever have her as a teacher again.
First day of school...Last day of school!
The sassy-ness is still there!

I started a new tradition.
I ordered shirts for each of the kiddos with the year they will graduate from high school on and I plan on taking a picture on the last day of school every year so that I have a year by year picture of them, wearing the exact same thing, to see how they grow!
Kind of a fun memento of their school years.  Thanks Pinterest!

Getting off the bus for the last time as a Kindergartner!  Wahooooo!
It's SUMMERTIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!