Monday, May 20, 2013

Say It Ain't So...

Yesterday after church, the girls were playing in the living room.  They had spread out a bunch of books on the carpeted floor.  Alexa got up to run around the books and slipped and fell right on her elbow.  She immediately started crying, saying it hurt really bad.
Here's where our fabulous parenting comes in...we didn't believe her.  Here's the thing though, this happens just about EVERY NIGHT at cleanup time.  I'm not joking...something starts hurting, whether its a tummy or a foot or an elbow, something without fail starts hurting RIGHT when it's time to clean up.
So we sent her to bed with some Advil.  And she slept through the night!
But when she did wake up to get ready for school, her elbow was swollen (which it hadn't been the night before) and so I knew I needed to take her to Urgent Care to get it checked out.
And lo' and is broken!!
So we rushed right over to Children's Orthopaedics of Tucson, where she got a pretty purple WATERPROOF cast put on.  Yep, I said waterproof.  We've come a long way people!  No more stinky, smelly casts around these parts! She can shower, go to the pool, run in the sprinklers!
Can I get a woot woot??!!! :-)
AND, she only has to have it on for 3 1/2 weeks!  Hopefully it will go by very quickly!