Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Birthday Week - Day 2

Kevin surprised me with a package of my favorite candy this morning - Smarties (or for my Canadian peeps - Rockets). Then we decided that since the weather was supposed to be really nice today, we'd take Alexa to the zoo. And we had a great time. We took the stroller but Alexa wanted to "walk myself" the entire time. She's so independent these days...not to mention pretty well potty-trained. She took to it like a duck to water! I don't remember the last day we had an accident and since we started just over 2 weeks ago, she's only had a couple of accidents! I rarely even have to ask her if she needs to go anymore, she just always tells me!! Yay for her!
This was the first time we took her to the petting zoo within the zoo and she loved it. They let her use a brush to give the goats a rubdown and she thought that was pretty fun!
Then my day ended with dessert at The Cheesecake Factory with 3 of my fabulous friends, Rachael, Waveney and Taffney. Thanks ladies for a fun evening out!


Kim Hughes said...

Where's your belly in that last photo...you look so cute Collette. I just saw that you only have like 44 days to go...or was it 55? Anyways, it's not long before you have TWO KIDS!!! Wow.

jenny said...

It is 10:30 pm on the 17th in Alberta and so it is 12:30 am there -- so Happy, happy bday sweetheart. We luv you so much!!! Have a super actual bday day!!! kuv forever - your momma!!!

jenny said...

that was supposed to be "luv" not "kuv"!! -- so I am typing in the dark!!!!

Anderson Family said...

Happy Birthday! Sounds like Alexa's working on the best present ever. What a big girl!