Monday, March 16, 2009

Birthday Week

Day 1 of my Birthday Week has been fun. Despite the cold I'm getting over, it's been a nice day. Kevin told me this morning that I needed to be ready for a hot date tonight, that he had reservations for dinner but wouldn't tell me where...I just had to be in dressy casual attire. Fun...I love surprises!! I admit that I'm a bit spoiled with my Birthday Week...but I don't feel bad about it. :-) The way I see it, since I love birthdays, why not stretch out the celebrating???!!!
Me and my man just before heading to dinner.
Since moving to Louisville, and especially since moving to the neighborhood we live in now, Kevin and I have enjoyed trying out the new and different restaurants near our home. Tonight, he took me to a place called Varanese on Frankfort Avenue and OH MY...I will be dreaming about my meal for a very long time!!!
Here it is...
(sorry, I didn't think to take the picture until I'd already made a dent in it!!)

It was a prosciutto wrapped chicken breast, stuffed with mozzarella cheese with creamy risotto and grilled vegies! The risotto was to die for! We love LOVE the Food Network and they are always talking about, making, etc. risotto but we had yet had the opportunity to try it. Our first taste did not disappoint in the least. It was so creamy and so yummy! And for a little more upscale place with a live jazz band, a tiled waterfall wall AND amazing food, the prices were very reasonable. We definitely recommend it to anyone!
Happy Birthday to me...I can't wait to see what tomorrow brings!! :-)
Thanks babe for a fun evening!


Ashley said...

Yummy!! I love Food Network too!!