Saturday, March 14, 2009

For Grandma Jenny!

I received my birthday package from my mom today and, of course, couldn't wait until my birthday to open it...I'm way too impatient. Plus...I was pretty sure the new Anita Stansfield book was in there and I was dying to read it - so open the package I did!! Also, my mom mentioned that she'd put in a little something for Alexa - and it was this cute purple shirt that Alexa thoroughly enjoyed wearing today. She looked adorable! So these pictures are for you Grandma Jenny...thank you so much for the presents!!


jenny said...

Thank you thank you for these precious pictures - the little shirt fits perfectly!!! gramma jenny luvs you tons, little Alexa and can hardly wait til I get to come and play!! We will have so much fun!! Alexa, you will have to take Gramma to the petting zoo --. . . what fun!!