Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Happy Birthday to Collette!

What a fun day I've had! I really lucked out this year with Kevin having his Spring Break the same week as my birthday. It's been so nice having him around all day, especially on my big day! I woke up this morning to Alexa saying "Happy Birday you, mom"! Soooo cute!! Then Kevin made us pancakes for breakfast. After that, we took a drive out to the Louisville Temple as Alexa has been asking for weeks to "go see temple". The weather was beautiful and we had such a nice time just wandering around the grounds and talking to her about the importance of families and temples.
After that, we came home so Alexa and Kevin could give me my presents. Alexa isn't very good at keeping secrets so she'd been telling me for a few days that "mommy present you - movie". When in fact, Kevin had her pick out a soundtrack to a movie for me that I've been wanting forever, but told her it was a movie to throw me off!! Very tricky!! And Alexa was so excited to give me my card...she even opened it for it played music! Kevin also gave me some really nice cookie sheets that I've been wanting forever!
For dinner tonight, Kevin sent Alexa and I out so he could prepare it as a surprise. So we headed to the park to enjoy more of the beautiful weather and we came home to this...
I have been thoroughly enjoying a good Philly cheesesteak lately and had been craving one for quite some time. So Kevin surprised me and decided to make his own version at home. He did a fantastic job...they were so yummy. And he got me two of my favorite flavors of chips to go with it...salt & vinegar and dill pickle. What a great husband, especially seeing as he doesn't care for either flavor!
After dinner, we had cheesecake with fresh strawberries...again, I have the most wonderful husband who made me my most favorite dessert! He's earned some serious brownie points today!! :-)
(after seeing the above picture...I can't wait to be done being pregnant as I'm really starting to look bloated these days...yikes!!)

Anyways, it's been a wonderful day. I've had numerous phone calls, many emails and a fun visit from my fabulous friend Amanda! Not to mention spending all day with my two most favorite people in the world...Alexa & Kevin. I'm a pretty lucky birthday girl!


Krista said...

I am loving the idea of a birthday week. I'm glad yo had a wonderful birthday!

jenny said...

Even though I talk to you often, it is so fun to see what you are doing most days. . . I can hardly wait to be there and share some of that gorgeous weather. . .It is April 1 and we still have snow. . grrrrrrr!!!