Monday, May 4, 2009


Alexa has taken to her "liddle sister" so well! She absolutely LOVES her. She wants to hold her all the time and "do it myself". She thinks Payton is "so cute" and is concerned every time she cries. My favorite is she tells me ALL the time "eewwwweeeee mom, taypon stinks", and that I need to change her bum. If Alexa had her way, we'd be going through a pack of diapers a day!
Anyways, I love that Alexa loves Payton and I hope it blossoms into a great friendship as they grow older! Aren't sisters great??!!


Anderson Family said...

I guess Alexa wasn't warned about how stinky new babies are. I'm glad that she's helping anyway. If only she could do all the diaper changes! Maybe for the next one!

{Amanda G} said...

It's so precious to see them together! You are on the ball lady! Blog updates, trips to the mall, you give me hope!

cheetah said...

I thought only little boys smelled.
They are so sweet. So much fun. Ah, love these moments to death.
Hope you are recovering great and loving it all!

kelseyp said...

awwwww so adorable! sisters are the greatest. every girl needs a sister. payton is just soooo sweet and cute and brand new. mmmm. hope your all doing well. babies are so fun!

cassie said...

how darling!! your girls are beautiful!

Kade and Emily said...

Just remember: That which does not kill her, will only make her stronger.