Friday, May 28, 2010


While my mom and sister were here, we did manage to fit in a couple fun things in between all our projects! Our community has two pools, so we made it there a couple times and I'm sure we'll live there practically all summer!!
We ate at In-N-Out Burger!! Yummmmmmmm! Payton was having a great time!!
Not sure why we didn't get any pics of the rest of us!!
Payton enjoying playing on Beeta's air mattress one night!
And here's our only proof that Beeta was actually here. We really didn't take any pictures! I told her the night before they were to leave that we needed to actually get ready for lunch the next day so we could be cute for pictures. And then I came down with the flu and that so much didn't no pictures of me with my mom and sister. Next trip, I guess!
We had a great time with them though and hope to see them again soon!


jenny said...

You got pics of the most important people!!!