Saturday, May 29, 2010

:::Updates Galore:::

Okay, so if you've been wondering where the Mortensons have been this past's been a little crazy. Between the move across the country, moving into our first home, unpacking and getting organized, having family in town, projects, projects and more projects, the stomach flu...I just haven't had time to sit down at my computer for 2 minutes, let alone actually download pictures, edit them and then update the blog.'s done now. There are a plethora of posts going back to April 29th that are all new. So grab some popcorn, an ice cold beverage and enjoy the read 'cuz...WE'RE BACK!!! :-)


Laura Jansson said...

I loved looking through all of your posts! Congratulations on all of the exciting changes in your life! Good luck in your new life :)

Kade and Emily said...

Wow, what a month for you guys! Next time we are in AZ, we'll be sure to look you up!