Thursday, May 27, 2010

::Projects - Before & Afters::

My mom and sister, Benita, came to visit this past week! I took FULL advantage of having my mamasita in town to help me with little (okay mostly big) projects I had on my wish list!! Here are a few:
My kitchen table! I LOVE how it turned out!
The garage was just exposed drywall and needed to be painted. Alexa even joined in on the fun!
Our coffee table and end table for the family room. I forgot to take a before picture but they were light like my kitchen table used to be.
The handle on our front door and the kitchen faucet are an oiled bronze finish and so I had bought the same finish for the curtain rod in the kitchen to hang the chocolate brown curtains and decided to run with it...I found some oiled bronze spray paint which has become my new best friend! I absolutely LOVE how the hardware in my kitchen turned out with just a few coats of spray paint!!
And my silver clock didn't really go with my new decor so I took the spray paint can to it too!!
I can't even begin to tell you how much I love my "new" clock!!!
And while we're at it...why don't we paint my corner shelf too???
And as if my mom wasn't kept busy enough while she was here...let's have her help Kevin lay sod too! I would have loved to have been out there helping but it just so happened that me and the girls were down with the stomach flu! Yuck! Kevin wasn't feeling that great either but managed to push through!
Thanks Mom for all your help! We could never have accomplished all the things we did without you here. What a fun, busy week we had! Aren't you looking forward to your next visit when you can actually relax??? :-)


Anderson Family said...

wow! You've gotten so much done! If your mom gets bored next time, you can send her to our house! Everything looks great, you did such a great job making everything over!

{Amanda G} said...

It all looks awesome! I'm sure you are in love with your beautiful new home! You should be! Wish I was closer to see it and you too! Miss you like something crazy!