Saturday, February 18, 2012

..::Barrett: 10 Months::..

We have a 10 month old on our hands!!! We sure love this little dude around here!
The Happenings for this past month:
*Got a tooth, Top Right Lateral - Jan 20th
*Got another tooth, Top Left Lateral - Jan 27th (all our kids have gotten their laterals before their centrals on top!)
*Rode a horse for the first time - Jan 28th (Kevin took all 3 kids to visit his parents for a weekend)
*Met Kevin's Grandma & Grandpa Brown for the first time - Feb 4th
*Got yet another tooth, Top Left Central - Feb 4th
*Stood up unassisted! - Feb 6th
*Got his first fever - Feb 7th :-(
*Grandma & Grandpa Baker came for a visit - Feb 15th - 19th
We had a very fun-filled, milestone kind of month! This whole teething thing though is for the birds! Why, oh why, does it have to be so hard on these little munchkins??!! I'm sure that's what his fever was from...those blasted teeth. If they weren't so darn necessary...!!! :-) Barrett's fun little personality is really starting to shine. He loves to play with his sisters. He giggles like crazy when we tickle him...and he's ticklish EVERYwhere!! He gets soooooo excited when Daddy comes home and even knows what "Daddy's Home!!!" means now when shouted by the girls. Wherever he is when he hears that, he immediately starts crawling toward the garage door as fast as his little arms and legs can take him! It's pretty darn cute! He still loves to put anything and everything straight into his mouth. He's a drool faucet...I think we go through about 6 bibs a day trying to keep the dude dry!
Getting our monthly update picture is proving to be quite the challenge though these days! For some reason, he just has NO interest in sitting most of the pictures end up looking like these below! But at least we got one workable picture! We only have 2 more to do....let's hope we succeed!
Happy 10 Months, Bubba!