Sunday, February 19, 2012

An Annual Event???

My parents came to visit again this past week, that's two February's in a row...I think it's going to be an annual thing now since they just tack it onto their annual business convention! Works for us! The kids were sooooo excited for Gramma and Grampa to come visit. They got here late Wednesday night so first thing Thursday morning, they were jumping on Gramma and Grampa's bed to wake them up!! Here's Miss Sassypants herself that morning, sporting a cute new shirt from Gramma!
We ventured to the Desert Museum on Thursday morning and had a lot of fun looking at the snakes and's always a favorite of the girls'!
There was LOTS of playing with Gramma while she was here!!
On Friday, we drove to Thatcher for Kevin's cousin Owen's wedding. It worked out perfectly to have my parents with us to watch the kids while we attending the sealing in the Temple. And the girls couldn't wait to see Owen's new wife come out of the temple looking like a princess! I love opportunities like this to really show the girls the importance of the temple and that families can be together forever if they make the right choices.
Yesterday morning, we drove up to Mt. Lemmon to see the snow. I know my parents see it a lot...but it was fun to take them on that drive and show them the differences in climates and environments from the bottom of the mountain (desert, cactus, heat) to the top of the mountain (snow, pine trees, cool). And we even had lunch up there. It was a fun day!
Saying goodbye is never fun...but this time we know we'll see Gramma and Grampa in just a few short months!! That's right, our little family is headed to Canada this summer for a family reunion! I'm really excited. I know I was just there last summer from my grandpa's funeral...but the last time we went as a family, I was pregnant with Payton, so the majority of my family hasn't even met her yet. It will be a fun trip!
Thanks for coming Gramma and Gramps...we'll see you SOON!!!