Sunday, January 4, 2009

An unexpected delay...

We were scheduled to come home from Canada on December 23rd, with a layover in Chicago...however, the weather had different plans for us!! Due do bad weather in Chicago, our flight leaving Calgary was delayed by 4 hours. We overheard the United lady telling other passengers that if we didn't wait for this flight, there wasn't another available flight leaving Calgary for 2 weeks!! Yikes...we definitely wanted to get home before that, so we buckled down in the airport to wait it out...hoping, praying, wishing that our flight wouldn't be cancelled. And thankfully it wasn't. BUT, since we left Calgary late, we missed our connecting flight in Chicago, which also happened to be the last flight to Louisville that night from Chicago. Fabulous!
On a bright note...Kevin's brother, Duane, was in Chicago with his family visiting his inlaws for the holidays! It couldn't have worked out better for us. Instead of having to wait in a long line at the United Customer Service Desk, Duane and his father-in-law were able to reschedule our flight to Louisville, but not until the morning of the 25th. So we were stuck there for a couple days. Because of that though, Duane also booked us a hotel for those two nights so we didn't have to sleep at the airport!! We are sooooo grateful, more than we can say, for the generosity of family. What could have been a really stressful situation was not so bad. We even got to spend the majority of Christmas Eve with Duane and the Duncans. Here are a few pictures from our unexpected stay in Chicago!
Alexa and Ainsley had so much fun playing together!
And Kevin and Duane had so much fun playing together!! :-)
It was great to be able to see more family at this special time of year. Thank you again, Duane & Emily for helping us out!