Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Days like these...

...remind me why I love being a mom. We went to the park this morning with a bunch of other friends to have an Easter egg hunt. Alexa had a blast hunting eggs, eating "chocket" and playing on the jungle gyms and swings.
After the park, we met up with Alexa's best buddy, Nathan, at "Donald's" for lunch. And she actually had so much fun this time. Usually she gets scared at the top of the play area and doesn't want to come back down the way she climbed up and doesn't want to go down the slide either. But today, a couple older girls took her under their wings and helped encourage her to actually go down the slide. And then I lost track of how many times she went down...she was having a blast!
On the way home, we rocked out to some fun tunes which made me laugh as I'd glance at Alexa boppin' and dancin' in her carseat. She just has a way of making me smile. And now she's down for a nap - good times, good times!! It's just been a good day so far!


jenny said...

All that green grass is totally not fair -- I'm glad I am coming down there for a few weeks and then maybe, just maybe there will be green grass when I get back. Looks like a fun Easter outing!!!

Kade and Emily said...

Wasn't that a perfect day for an Easter egg hunt? I'm glad you made it!