Thursday, April 29, 2010

..::Happy 1st Birthday::..

One year ago TODAY, little sweet pea joined our family!
She weighed just a couple ounces more than her big sister and she sure looked a lot like her!
We were so excited to welcome Payton into the world and have loved having Payton be a part of our family...we really can't imagine life without her!
It has been a very fun year with both our that seems to have flown by!
It seems like just yesterday she was tiny and brand new!
And before we knew it, she's this spunky little toddler who isn't afraid to let you know what she's thinking, even if she can't verbalize it in English just yet. :-)
We don't have her one year check up until Monday, so for's a bit of what this last month has entailed (will provide stats after her appt):

*Took her FIRST STEP (today, ON her birthday!!!)

*She points to everything
*She transitioned to the forward-facing car seat and LOVES it!
*She became a screamer/yeller! Doesn't matter what kind of mood she's in...she screams!
*She cruises everywhere
*She climbs onto/into anything and everything
*She likes to hold your fingers and "walk" all the time
*She says "ssk, ssk, ssk" for shake, shake, shake when I take her out of her highchair
*She says "tss" (this)
*She practically jumps out of your arms when music comes on
*She LOVES to dance with her daddy
*She loves to just be with her daddy and can't wait to have him hold her after he's been gone
*She can hold her own against her big sister
*She loves to taunt and tease Alexa (especially with anything that's JUST Alexa's ie: her loveys)
*She finally became attached to a "lovey", her two little stuffed animals that we keep in her crib, Stitch and Wilbur
*She is working on cutting her upper canines which will bring the uppers to 6
*She still only has 2 bottom teeth
*She folds her arms for prayers....soooooo cute!!
What a fun first year this has been. Payton Jae, we love you way too much!
HAPPY 1ST BIRTHDAY sweet girl!


Becky said...

I love the way you have a picture of each month! I am going to copy that idea (next baby). Payton is adorable!!!