Friday, April 30, 2010

Payton's Birthday Bash

We had a little party at the park this morning for Payton's big day!
It was beautiful outside, the perfect day for a spring birthday celebration!
We sure love our sweet little birthday girl!
Alexa had a blast playing with all her she is with Nathan, another friend we're going to really miss (and his mama too!).
Payton sure enjoyed being outside and she LOVES to swing!
Bring on the cake!
After getting all cleaned up, she just wanted to explore.
And hang out with her friend, Katelyn!
(Aren't they so cute together??!!)

Daddy and his girls!
Thank you to all my wonderful friends, and their sweet kids, for coming out to celebrate
Miss Payton's birthday!
We love you all!!
After dinner tonight, we let Payton have her own cupcake...
...I think she enjoyed it!
Alexa even sang Happy Birthday to her all on her own and then helped Payton unwrap her present. What a good big sister!


kelseyp said...

your girls are soooo cute! happy birthday little payton! can you believe it's already been a year? it flies. your hair looks great too btw.. and also-- I AM NOT PREGNANT! haha. seriously though. not for awhile. 2 kids is plenty work.

Aston Family said...

Happy Birthday Payton!!! can't wait to see you all when you guys move down here! Love the new hair btw!!!

Tiffany-Joy Mo said...

Time seriously does fly with the kids doesn't it? I can't believe our jacob is 2 already. whew. Before I know it we'll have number three here!

Becky said...

Those pictures are so cute!! I love the picture of Katelyn and Payton! So sweet. Too bad you're leaving us, they look like they would be best buds. =)